AKC Great Pyrenees puppies available from Samson and Nala. Both loving, working parents. DOB 10/8/17. Pups are raised on corn, wheat and soy free diet as well as raw meats, tripe, raw milk kefir, herbs and daily Nuvet tablets for optimal health and immune systems. Pups are currently being introduced to poultry and livestock as well as indoor activities in order to acclimate to farm and home environments. Puppies are handled multiple times on a daily basis, have toys to encourgae brain activity. Aptitude tested at 8 weeks of age. We have working and companion pups available in the litter. Pups are ready at 10-12 weeks of age, vet checked, fully dewormed, first shot given , holistic flea treament started. Price is $800 with limited registration, NO BREEDING RIGHTS. We offer a no questions asked return policy on ALL our puppies/dogs for life.

Biggie/Navy Blue, male badger pup is a laid back curious boy. He would do well in either a home or working environment. Weight 17lbs
Sugar/light pink is a pure white female pup who is a calm girl. She tends to have a favorite human and would prefer a calm environment. She would be suitable for a companion or working home. Weigh is 14.10. 
Creek/Black, pure white male. Creek is laid back and gentle but a dominate male in the pack. He would excel in a working home. Weight 10.6 pounds. 
Branch/Grey, male badger. Branch is a sweet, snuggly boy that would love a companion home with a calm environment but would also be a working candidate. Weight 12.6 pounds. 
Harper/Yellow, pure white female.  Harper is a very outgoing and playful girl. She would be suitable for a family or working environment. Weight 18.4 pounds. 
Poppy/Orange, pure white female. Poppy is a calm, curious and low energy girl. She would be suitable for a family or working home. Weight 15.8 pounds. 
Maggie/Light Blue, badger female. Maggie is a very playful sweet girl who is a little reserved. She is suitable for working or family. Weight 13.10 pounds. 
Peppy/Green, badger male. Peppy is a sweet, outgoing boy filled with curiosity. He would be suitable for working or a family home. Weigh 14 pounds. 
Bridget/Magenta, female badger. Bridget is a happy go lucky tail wagging petite girl. Her tail never stops wagging. Bridget would prefer a family home but would be suitable for working as well. Weight 11.4 pounds
Chef/Red, female badger. Chef is sassy, very friendly and outgoing but a pack leader. She is truly her mothers daughter who is our pack leader and head working dog. She would be suitable for working or in a family home that understands her in charge personality. Weight 16.6 pounds. 
Suki/Lavender, female badger. Suki is a very social, curious and brave girl. She would be suitable for working or family home. Weight 16.6 pounds.