Frannie (ASDR blue merle female,15” tall, panel clear except for HC through Pawprint Genetics, eyes clear through CERF testing) and Gabe (ASDR/AKC Red tri male, 16”, panel clear through Pawprint Genetics exceptcarries one copy of MDR1 sensitivity but will not pass to pups, Frannie is clear.) whelped a litter of 5 puppies on September 26th 2019. Below are the puppies available for adoption. Both parentshave amazing, loving personalities, are incredibly intelligent, easy to work with and have off switches. This means they are able to relax and settle down when needed but with this said,aussies needdaily exercise. We hike with our pack daily. Gabe is a multi national title holder in agility and is owner and handled by a local friend. 
All our dogs are loved family members and not kennel dogs. 
Puppies are ready to start leaving the nest. They have seen the vet for health exams, ASDR application for limited registration (no breeding rights),  UTD on deworming as well their core vaccinations are complete. 8, 12 and 16 week vaccines...5in1, 5in1 booster, single dose Parvo), started on holistic flea treatment, eating a nutritious diet of raw meats, dehydrated raw, bone broth, fresh fruits and veggies as well as high end kibble. 
Puppies leave our home with a start of dog food, Nuvet tablets, teething chews and their baby toy. They also come with The Puppy Primer authored by Dr Patricia B. McConnell. This book pretty much covers every question a new puppy parent would have. We offer lifetime support as well as a no questions asked return policy at any point in the dogs life. 
Our puppies are raised under foot, they are not kennel dogs. The pups hike with us daily, help around the farm, spend time indoors and outdoors, are brushed and get their nails trimmed bi-weekly. We raise them in an enriched environment with lots of socialization and exposure to a variety of animals and people. I truly love and enjoy raising these litters. You can follow their journey on Instagram under Fancy Farm Girl. 
This is Frances/Frannie, mother of the pups. 
This is Papa Gabe
Meet Hippity! She is a tiny girl full of enthusiasm. She should mature to be a large toy/small mini. She loves going for hikes, playing with toys and quick snuggles. Very handler motivated. UTD on deworming, core puppy vaccines complete. $600.00 
Meet Notorious B.I.G. Aka Biggie. He is full of life, very toy motivated...loves a good game of tug and is handler motivated. Biggie loves his toys and hiking as well a food :) He will mature to be a large mini, is UTD on deworming, core puppy vaccines complete. $600.00 
Miss Hop is also a teeny little aussie, should be a large toy/small mini. Hop is energetic, loves hiking, playing with toys, being wherever the humans are and is always happy! She is UTD on deworming, core puppy vaccines complete. $600.00 
Meet sweet Stella. Stella is a snuggler, lower drive than the other tri colors but still loves hiking, toys and is handler motivated. She oftentimes comes up to us asking to be picked up for kisses. She should mature to be an average mini is size, 15-16’. She is UTD on deworming, core puppy vaccines complete. $600.00